2014 Safety without compromise! Pabool Pumps for fire fighting!

Pabool Pumpen für die Brandbekämpfung

Pabool Pumps made by Koshin Japan Ltd. are designed for sprinkler System and General Irrigation in agriculture and garden water suppling. According their Pressure and Enhanced Durability the pabool selfpriming Koshin water pumps used usualy with different types of main motors like diesel , gasoline , kerosine and electrical motors. The robust water pump with high presure pabool pump KOSHIN powered by YANMAR single cylinder diesel was made specialy for firefighting propousals .

Espesialy new diesel firefighting machine became popular in marine aplication where owner requires minimal maintenance. Enhanced safety is a further key benefit of the Koshin pabool pump powered by diesel Yanmar engine due to the lower flammability of diesel fuel, an essential factor for shipping. Also this pump is attractive for oil and gas industry where the customers can avoid constant risk such as in potentially hazardous environments where fire. That is why our russian customer has approval for line-up of 4 types of KOSHIN water pumps with Yanmar and Lombardini diesel engines.

Approuval issued by Russian River Register RRR and Russian Maritime Register of Shipment RMRS.

KOSHIN Ltd. products in Austria

We are pleased to welcome a new partner in our family of distributos. From now on, the competent and friendly team of Franztech Mechatronics GmbH assumes the general import, sales and service of products from KOSHIN Ltd. in Austria. If you have questions about our products, please contact Franztech Mechatronik GmbH directly.

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