2015 Yanmar Diesel Engine and Koshin Pabool pumps for Fire Fighting!

Koshin Pumpen für die Brandbekämpfung

Koshin pabool pumps designed for agricultural proposes has re-created it’s HP Fire Series to be belt driving with different Yanmar Diesel Engines L48, L70, L100. This design was at the request of market to be able to use maximum KOSHIN self-priming pump RPM, to reach bigger pump’s pressure (head) and delivery, to reduce the vibrations and avoid the damaging the engine shaft.

Koshin pabool pumps live and operate in the extreme conditions. Sometimes customer need to use the very same sea water, they float on to fight spot fires. Because sea water is extremely corrosive and while replacing a pump is a relatively cheap maintenance fix for these shipping companies, the engine part of the equation isn’t.

For longer life of total pump set customers us robust Baseplate and Frame. This means that the client can simply slide out the pump on the pedestal, replace the wet end, and then simply bolt it back into place.

This means a quick changeover resulting in fewer labor costs, no need for new engines or frames. It’s very cheap solution and saves the owner over the long run good money. Especially if they have multiple units like these on the one ship.

Yanmar Diesel Motor
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