October 2020, New Super Heavy Duty Trash Pumps Series KTZ-50X, KTZ-80X, KTZ-100X

New Super Heavy Duty Trash Pumps Series KTZ-50X, KTZ-80X, KTZ-100X from Koshin Ltd. Japan

• Reasonable price

About 30% less price compared to same quality trash pumps from other manufacturers. The most affordable price ever for the real Japanese quality.

• Excellent Japanese Quality

Provides powerful performance and long durability with New KOSHIN engine and enhanced pump. KTZ Series pumps are the absolute proper choice for the real professionals!

• Easy maintenance

Thoughtful flame for easy replacement of carburetor.

You can clear inside of pump by simply removing pump casing with only one tool.

Robin Subaru Logo

October, 2017 Good By, Robin Waterpumps!

Subaru Corporation Ends Production and Sale of Industrial Products Robin-Subaru Including General-Purpose Engines, Water pumps and Generators.

This news shocked all power products OEM who are used Robin – Subaru engines to produce their motor pumps, portable generators, garden equipment and construction tools. Super quality Robin-Subaru small gasoline and diesel engines was the same like word wide famous manufacturers HONDA Motor Company, Kawasaki, Yamaha, Suzuki, Mitsubishi, Yanmar. Some of them also produce the wide range of self-priming water pumps with combustion engines. Many years they produced Robin Waterpumps brand, then Robin-Subaru Water pumps and finally simply SUBARU self-priming pumps for clear water and trash pumps with gasoline and diesel engines

In any case this is the chance to redistribute the world markets for the main leading water-pumps manufacturers from JAPAN like KOSHIN, Dai-Shin, Tsurumi pumps, Yamaha, Mitsubishi, Yanmar and HONDA.

Subaru statement
Yanmar Motor 2016

September 2016 YANMAR QUALITY

In may 2016, Subaru announced that they were withdrawing from the Power Products market and stopped producing the Robin diesel single-cylinder engine for Koshin diesel motor pumps.

September 2016, new 9 models long-lasting and powerful KOSHIN Diesel Pumps powered by Yanmar Diesel Engine was launched .

Yanmar Motor


Since 1959, YANMAR has been producing air-cooled diesel engines with total production reaching more than 1.5 million units. ln these engines, L-V series engines achieve lower levels of emissions through techпology.

High-pressure injection technology minimizes the fuel required for ignition, while the combustion chamber itself is also improved, апd there is ап EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) system for recirculating some of the exhaust gas back iпto the air iпtake.

Wide Variation

KOSHIN Diesel Pumps powered by Yanmar Diesel Engine range in bore size from 2″ to 4″ for fresh, semi-trash and trash water. AII type of pumps can be equipped with electric starting system.

Extended Operation with Large Fuel Tank

AII series have 11-liter large fuel tank and it enables continuous & longer running up to 10 hours.

Easy Maintenance

Cleaning the inside of the casing сап bе done simply by just removing а few bolts.





Yanmar Company

Koshin Pumpen für die Brandbekämpfung

2015 Yanmar Diesel Engine and Koshin Pabool pumps for Fire Fighting!

Koshin pabool pumps designed for agricultural proposes has re-created it’s HP Fire Series to be belt driving with different Yanmar Diesel Engines L48, L70, L100. This design was at the request of market to be able to use maximum KOSHIN self-priming pump RPM, to reach bigger pump’s pressure (head) and delivery, to reduce the vibrations and avoid the damaging the engine shaft.

Koshin pabool pumps live and operate in the extreme conditions. Sometimes customer need to use the very same sea water, they float on to fight spot fires. Because sea water is extremely corrosive and while replacing a pump is a relatively cheap maintenance fix for these shipping companies, the engine part of the equation isn’t.

For longer life of total pump set customers us robust Baseplate and Frame. This means that the client can simply slide out the pump on the pedestal, replace the wet end, and then simply bolt it back into place.

This means a quick changeover resulting in fewer labor costs, no need for new engines or frames. It’s very cheap solution and saves the owner over the long run good money. Especially if they have multiple units like these on the one ship.

Yanmar Diesel Motor
Pabool Pumpen für die Brandbekämpfung

2014 Safety without compromise! Pabool Pumps for fire fighting!

Pabool Pumps made by Koshin Japan Ltd. are designed for sprinkler System and General Irrigation in agriculture and garden water suppling. According their Pressure and Enhanced Durability the pabool selfpriming Koshin water pumps used usualy with different types of main motors like diesel , gasoline , kerosine and electrical motors. The robust water pump with high presure pabool pump KOSHIN powered by YANMAR single cylinder diesel was made specialy for firefighting propousals .

Espesialy new diesel firefighting machine became popular in marine aplication where owner requires minimal maintenance. Enhanced safety is a further key benefit of the Koshin pabool pump powered by diesel Yanmar engine due to the lower flammability of diesel fuel, an essential factor for shipping. Also this pump is attractive for oil and gas industry where the customers can avoid constant risk such as in potentially hazardous environments where fire. That is why our russian customer has approval for line-up of 4 types of KOSHIN water pumps with Yanmar and Lombardini diesel engines.

Approuval issued by Russian River Register RRR and Russian Maritime Register of Shipment RMRS.

KOSHIN Ltd. products in Austria

We are pleased to welcome a new partner in our family of distributos. From now on, the competent and friendly team of Franztech Mechatronics GmbH assumes the general import, sales and service of products from KOSHIN Ltd. in Austria. If you have questions about our products, please contact Franztech Mechatronik GmbH directly.

METS 2014

EES GmbH/KOSHIN Ltd. on METS2014

We are pleased to welcome you on 18-20 November 2014 on the world’s largest trade show of the international marine leisure industry in Amsterdam. At our stand you can view the actual products of EES Energie-Erzeugung-Systeme GmbH and KOSHIN Ltd. for the marine & fishery. Visit us at the pavilion 11 stand 11.119.

METS 2014
Hochwasser 2013

Flood 2013: We help in flood fighting!

Faced with this disaster of the century we as an importer of water pumps and manufacturer of generators can not be complacent . For this reason we in cooperation with KOSHIN Ltd. have determined to help in the flood fighting. Following the call for help of the THW Göppingen we donate a pallet with various water pumps and generators to assist in the management of the flood 2013. A detailed report can be found shortly on the website of the THW Göppingen.