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About KOSHIN Pumps

​​KOSHIN is one of the biggest and worldwide well-known manufacturers in the pump industry. For more than 50 years it has provided wide solutions for multiple industries based on reputable engines such as Mitsubishi, Robin, Honda, Yanmar and Suzuki. KOSHIN of course also produces its own engines which are comparable, or even exceed its competitors.

The available models are suitable for clear water, trash or semi-trash, seawater, chemical and many other purposes. KOSHIN takes pride from its newest product line powered by K series engines: SEV-50X & SEV-80X.

3,1 kW +

Nominal power

2 hours +

Operating time

3,6 L +

Fuel tank capacity

179 ccm +

Cubic capacity

* depends of the model

Pump with K180 motor
Pump with K180 motor rear side
Premium Quality for Better Value!

KOSHIN Engines - Long Durability
and Low-Fuel Consumption

  • Affordable pricing alongside premium quality.
  • Worldwide sales of over 200,000 engines yearly.
  • Better value and overall quality compared to cheap and commonly used engines produced in China.
  • Reduced cost of ownership, less maintenance required and longer life span of the product compared to the competition.
  • More than 2h of continuous work.
  • Spare parts also easily available from EES GmbH.

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ESS GmbH offers solutions for all kinds of private and commercial use. We offer products for house, garden & agriculture, for small or large manufacturing companies, marine industry, and many more.

Clear Water Pumps

For use in the agriculture industry like irrigation and draining of large fields.

Clear Water Pump

Semi Trash Pumps

Economical Trash Pumps For Sandy & Muddy Water Applications.

Semi Trash Pumps

Seawater / Chemicals Pumps

For agriculture industry, fishery and seafaring we offer pumps for seawater and chemicals.

Seawater / Chemicals Pumps

Industrial Applications

Pumps that can be used for kerosene, gasoline, oil and various other types of solvents.

Industrial Applications
KTH-50X Koshin Pump - Front
KTH-50X Koshin Pump - Rear
High pressure pump

High Pressure Pumps

High pressure pumps used for general irrigation and fire fighting.

Trash Pumps

Trash Pumps

Special structure is designed to ensure high capacity self-priming performance.

Submersible Pumps

Submersible Pumps

Submersible Pump suitable to work in full water submersion. Available models for clear an sewage water.

Parts & Service

Parts & Service

Part for servicing KOSHIN products.

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EES GmbH offers a wide range of KOSHIN products. Take a look at our best-selling models, such as pumps with K series engines!
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About EES GmbH

Official KOSHIN Distributor in Germany, Switzerland and Austria

This year marks our 20th anniversary of close cooperation between the EES GmbH and Koshin.  Initially, we started with the CIS countries, with an exclusive distribution channel. Together we sold more than 70,000 motor pumps, making Koshin a household name in CIS’s vast territory. Building on our success, in 2010, EES GmbH became the exclusive distributor for the DACH region: Germany, Switzerland, Austria. Today, Koshin pumps are loved not only in DACH and CIS but also in 160 countries worldwide. The main applications for these legendary, reliable pumps are construction sites, agriculture, and fire fighting. Due to their high reliability, their rental use is popular. We offer a wide range of Koshin pump products: Pumps, Semi-trash pumps, High-pressure pumps, and Submersible pumps.

To further ensure our valued customers that Koshin stands by our producers, we offer a 3-year limited warranty against manufactured defects.

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Koshin offers a variety of pump models suitable for different industries, such as garden pumps, domestic water pumps, submersible pumps, high-pressure pumps, waste water pumps and many more.

If you are not sure which product is suitable for your needs, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our experienced team will be happy to help you and answer all your questions.