International exhibition “Fire safety and protection equipment 2008”.

Our Russian dealers took an active part in the international exhibition “Fire safety and protection equipment 2008”. KOSHIN Ltd Japan presented a new product -a high-pressure motor pump SERM-50V with a Mitsubishi gasoline engine.

This Koshin High Pressure Pumps is Number 1 in the choice for application like high-quality durable firefighting pump . Firemen can use any water: lake, swimming pool, river, pond to put out flames at long distances. Koshin high-pressure pumps have the reliability you need for pivate use: mountains agro, farm, or house with no access to hydrants. The most interesting is delivery the huge amount water to the long distance on the horizontal service up to 800 meters.

Fire safety and protection equipment exhibition
Koshin Pumpe auf Feuerwehrauto
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