Koshin’s successful participation at METSTRADE 2023

EES Energie-Erzeugung-Systeme, the official representatives of the Koshin brand in Europe, attended METSTRADE 2023 in Amsterdam, the world’s largest exhibition of equipment, materials and systems for the international marine leisure industry. Representatives from Koshin’s factories in Japan attended the event, and even the company’s president, Eiichi Kohara, travelled to the exhibition.

Advanced drum pumps for the marine industry

At METSTRADE 2023, Koshin showcased a wide range of drum pumps specially designed for convenient and reliable use even on a marine vessel. These pumps play a crucial role in various marine applications, ensuring efficient and reliable pumping of liquids on ships. Due to their superior performance and durability, Koshin drum pumps have become the primary choice of professionals.

Introducing diesel clean water pumps: the best safe solution on board!

At METSTRADE 2023, Koshin introduced new 2 and 3 inch clean water pumps for diesel fuelled SEV-50D and SEV-80D. The pumps have enhanced safety features, making them ideal for marine applications. Their reliability and efficiency make it an indispensable tool for clean water operations on board a vessel, providing peace of mind for vessel owners and operators.

Conquer the snow with the KSB-1170 snow blower

In addition to its marine-focused products, Koshin surprised the METSTRADE 2023 audience with the KSB-1170 snow blower. This powerful machine is designed for snow removal tasks in a wide range of conditions. Thanks to its robust design and modern features, the KSB-1170 guarantees efficient snow removal.

Going forward into the future with Koshin!

METSTRADE is a highly anticipated event for the marine industry, attracting professionals, manufacturers and enthusiasts from all over the world. The exhibition serves as a platform to showcase the latest developments, share knowledge and promote co-operation between industry players. METSTRADE’s focus on marine equipment and technology plays an important role in driving innovation and shaping the future of the industry. METSTRADE 2023 was a huge success for Koshin as it showcased its cutting-edge products and demonstrated its commitment to innovation. The show provided industry professionals with the opportunity to see first-hand the advanced technology and superior quality of Koshin products

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